Join Rabbi Becca Walker for 

Kollel ba'Ohel 

("Learning in the Ohel")

Tuesdays and Fridays after tefillah, stay for five minutes of learning with Rabbi Becca Walker.

Current kollel topic: What can I do on Shabbat? The positive commandments

* * *

Past classes with Rabbi Becca: 

Get ready for the High Holies! Elul learning.

Pirke Avot! The wisdom of the sages.

Interrupting Cow! When is it ok to interrupt your davening and for whom?

Tacha-what?! Exploring tachanun. What is that thing we do after the amidah where we sit and "fall on our faces"? Why? 

Hitting Snooze: When you get to davening late. What are the halachot when you show up a bit late, or a lot late, to davening? Come explore the Shulchan Aruch and other sources in The Ohel!